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Terms governing the use of the Daktari.net services.

Daktari.net Profile Verification

Why get verified?

Daktari.net offers free listing services to the wider healthcare sector in Kenya and beyond.
While finding healthcare specialists online is the gold standard, much information submitted online is not complete, true or up-to-date.
Daktari.net therefore avails a verification process helping responsible healthcare providers standout with verified data.
If you would like us to verify your profile content, please signup for verification under Premium Services in your user account.

I am registered with KMPDB or other bodies, isn't that enough?

Your registration number is public information online (http://medicalboard.co.ke/online-services/retention/) and anyone may use your registration ID for fraudulent practice.
We have introduced a 2-step verification process to match your ID with your profile information.

What does Daktari.net verify?

Simply put, we verify any details you submit with your Daktari.net profile.

During our online profile verification process, we:

  • attempt to get in touch with you through your main & emergency contacts during your stated opening hours. If you do not answer the phone, for example, we cannot verify those details;
  • schedule a video call to verify all other details submitted in your online profile. During the video call, you will be asked to show supporting documentation for the information, media etc. you have submitted, including your National ID, your ID with registration body, certifications etc.

Once, all information has been submitted you will get a verified badge on your account signalizing that your details have been cross-checked by Daktari.net. This will put patients seeking your services at peace of mind.

What we do not verify

We cannot and will not verify your professional qualification other than through your registration with relevant registering bodies.
We have also catered for feedback options allowing public users to report any inaccurate information they find on Daktari.net. Such public claims are followed up with outmost priority and reported to relevant registration bodies.

How do I get verified?

Sign-Up or claim your account and Our fee for verification covers our communication (phone/internet etc.) and personnel overheads (the process is driven by humans, who interact with you).
We try to keep this fee as low and as accessible as possible.

For Patients

Contact and profile information of members with verified badges has been verified according to the specifications detailed above. This gives patients peace of mind. Verified badge holders care about their accessibility and obviously about you, their clients as well!