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Allergist Anaesthetist Aromatherapy Ayurveda


Blood Vessels & Vein Specialists Body Building


Cancer Cardiologist (Heart Diseases) Cardiologist/ Interventional (Catheter based Treatment of Heart Diseases) Chemist Chest Specialist Chiropodist/ Podiatrist (Foot, Ankle and Lower Extremity) Chiropractor (Re-alignment of Joints & Spine) Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinical Dietitian Communication Counselling Counselling/ Addiction & Substance Abuse Counselling/ Children & Adolescents Counselling/ Family & Marriage


Deep Tissue Massage Dental Clinic Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Dental OBG Dental Radiology Dentist Dentist/ Aesthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist/ Implantology Dentist/ Lingual Orthodontics (Lingual Braces behind Teeth) Dentist/ Orthodontics (Teeth and Jaw Alignment Irregularities - Braces) Dentist/ Pathology (Laboratory Diagnosis) Dentist/ Pediatric (Children) Dentist/ Periodontist (Gum Diseases) Dentist/ Prosthodontics (Artificial Teeth Replacements) Dermatologist (Skin Diseases) Dermatopathologist (Skin Diseases/ Laboratory Diagnosis) Diabetic Foot Diagnostic Imaging Centre Diet


Embryologist (Prenatal Medicine) Endocrinologist (Hormones) Eye Clinic Eye Diseases/ Diabetic Eye Diseases/ Glaucoma (Damage to the Optic Nerve) Eyes in Albinism


Family Medicine Family Planning/ Natural (NFP) Fistula


Gastroenterologist (Digestive System Disorders) General Medical Clinic General Practitioner Geriatrician (Elderly Diseases) Gym


Health Systems Management Hearing Centre Hematologist (Blood Diseases) Hepatologist (Liver, Gallbladder, Biliary Tree and Pancreas) HIV HIV/ ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) Home care Hot Stone Massage


Infertility Internal Medicine International Cardiology




Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Mammography Massage Maternity Medical Education Medical Laboratory Meditation


Nephrologist (Kidneys) Neuroradiology Nurses (Degree Holders in Private Practice)


Obesity Treatment Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist/ Endoscopy Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist/ Laparoscopy Obstetrician/ Gynecologist Occupational Therapist Oncologist (Treatment of Cancer, Tumors) Ophthalmologist (Eyeball Diseases) Optical Shop Orthopaedist (Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles, and Nerves) Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, Throat or ENT)


Pain Management Palliative Care (Terminal Diseases) Pathologist (Laboratory Diagnosis) Pathology/ Forensic (Determining the Cause of Death) Pediatric Radiology Pediatrician (Child Diseases) Pediatrician/ Endocrinologist (Hormones) Pediatrician/ Hematology (Blood Diseases) Pediatrician/ Neonatology (Newborn, premature Newborn) Pediatrics Personality Coaching Pharmacotherapist & Analyst Pharmacy Physical Medicine (Physical Impairments or Disabilities) Physician Physiotherapist Physiotherapist/ Rheumatology (Arthritis, Rhematism) Physiotherapy/ Continence Physiotherapy/ Geriatric (Elderly) Physiotherapy/ Musculoskeletal (Muscles, Joints, and Soft Tissues) Physiotherapy/ Neurological Physiotherapy/ Obstetric (Pregnancy related Dysfunctions) Physiotherapy/ Orthopaedic (Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles, and Nerves) Physiotherapy/ Vascular (Blood Vessels & Veins) Pranic Healing (Treatment of the Body's Energy Fields) Pre-Natal Yoga Preventive Healthcare (Disease prevention) Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Private Medical Clinic Psychiatrist Psychologist Psychologist/ Addiction & Substance Abuse Psychologist/ Family Psychologist/ Health Psychologist/ Relationships Public Health Public Health/ Dental


Radiologist Radiotherapist (Radiation in the Treatment of Cancer) Reflexology Rehabilitation Rehabilitation/ Addiction & Substance Abuse Respiratory Medicine Rheumatologist (Arthritis, Rheumatism) Rhinologist (Nose Cavity and Sinuses)


Sauna Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Sleep Apnea (Pauses or shallow Breathing while Sleeping) Sleep Medicine Soccer SPA Spinning Sports Medicine Steam Surgeon Surgeon/ Abdominal Surgeon/ Arthroscopic (Diagnostic/ Treatment Surgery on Joints) Surgeon/ Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgeon/ Cardiothoracic Surgeon/ Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion (CSF) (Hypertension in the Brain/ Spinal Cord) Surgeon/ Dental Surgeon/ Endoscopic Surgeon/ Endoscopic/ Sinus & Skull Base Surgery Surgeon/ Endovascular Neurosurgery (Central Nervous System, Brain and Spinal Cord) Surgeon/ Eye/ Anterior Segment & Cornea Surgeon/ Gastrointestinal (GI) (Stomach and Intestines) Surgeon/ General Surgeon/ Hysteroscopic (Uterus) Surgeon/ Laparoscopic (Abdominal Organs and Female Pelvic Organs) Surgeon/ Neuroendoscopic (Brain & Skull Base) Surgeon/ Neurosurgery (Nervous System) Surgeon/ Oral & Maxillofacial (Head, Neck, Face, Jaws and Mouth) Surgeon/ Orbit & Oculoplasty (Eyelid and Face) Surgeon/ Orthopedic (Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles, and Nerves) Surgeon/ Otolaryngology (Head & Neck) Surgeon/ Pediatric (Children) Surgeon/ Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon/ Replacement Surgeon/ Retinal Laser Surgeon/ Spine Surgeon/ Vascular (Arteries, Veins and Lymphatic Circulation) Surgeon/ Vitreoretinal (Eye problems) Swimming Pool


Table Tennis Trauma Tropical Diseases Tropical Medicine


Ultrasound Urologist (Urinary Tract)


Venereologist (Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STDs)


Walking/ Running Track Weight Loss Weight Loss


Yoga Yoga For Kids